Friday, March 25, 2016

The Immediate Benefits of Attending Nursery School

There are plenty of benefits associated with attending nursery school. There are both long-term and short-term benefits. We are going to focus on the latter. Keep reading to find out the immediate advantages of sending your child to Miss Sue's Nursery School. 
  • Children ask questions because they are naturally curious about the world around them. Nursery school is a great place where children can get answers to their questions.
  • Nursery school may be the first place where a child interacts with his or her peers. Playing with other children will strengthen their social skills.
  • It is no secret that children learn the most information in the first 4 years of life. At Miss Sue's, children will be exposed to subjects that range from math to language arts. You can rest assured that they will learn a lot!
  • Attending nursery school prepares children for kindergarten. It also prepares them for educational environments in general.
  • At Miss Sue's, we strive to instill a love of learning in each and every child. We show that learning can be educational and fun at the same time!
Do you want to invest in your child's future? If so, enroll them at Miss Sue's Nursery School. We treat each student as an individual and encourage personal growth through group and independent lessons, learning centers and play. If you are interested in enrollment, call 516-938-0894 today.

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Friday, March 18, 2016

Children Need Make Believe Play

At Miss Sue's, we want our students to use their imaginations. One way to use your imagination is through make-believe play. Keep reading to find out how children can benefit from participating in this type of play. 

When children use toys that do not make noise, they can create their own sound for it. Children can really use their creativity when playing with low-tech toys, such as cars, blocks, stuffed animals and dolls. They can even give their toys different personalities! 

Arts & Crafts
Your child's imagination can run wild with art. Be sure to supply them with arts supplies that will pique their interest. It is a great way for children to express themselves and their emotions. 

Story Time
Reading a book to your child introduces them to an entire world of make-believe. In the process, they also learn how stories are told. It can inspire them to make up their own stories! 

We believe in a multi-sensory approach to learning that is provided through play. Playing with other children will also help them develop social skills.  Are you looking for a superior nursery school on Long Island? Look no further than Miss Sue's Nursery School! Call 516-938-0894 today to inquire about enrollment.

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Friday, March 4, 2016

Learn About The Staff At Miss Sue's Nursery School

It is no secret that a school is only as good as its leaders. That's why Miss Sue's has top notch directors and teachers! Keep reading to learn about our superior staff. 

The Directors
Our directors have been working with children for their entire adult lives! They are always looking for new ways to enhance the curriculum. That is one of the reasons why Miss Sue's has been voted "Best Nursery School" on Long Island 7 years in a row! It is their commitment to excellence that makes Miss Sue's stand out among the rest. 

The Teachers
All of the teachers at Miss Sue's are certified and trained in Early Childhood Education. In addition, they must complete at one year apprenticeship at Miss Sue's in order to become a teacher. All of our teachers are certified in CPR and First Aid. To ensure that every child is cared for, there are always four trained teachers in every classroom. 

Looking for nursery school on Long Island? Look no further than Miss Sue's Nursery School! Our staff focuses on the individual needs of each and every child. We invite you to visit our school and see our program in action. If you are interested in enrolling your child at Miss Sue's, call 516-938-0894 today.