Thursday, January 26, 2017

5 Secrets To Finding Your Child's Talent

Could your child be the next big artist? What about a professional soccer player? Perhaps, but not without your help! We’re not born with certain skill sets, they’re learned and developed over time. In order to unlock your child’s hidden talents, use these five strategies:

5 Secrets To Finding Your Child's Talent | Nursery School | LI | Miss Sue's |

Watch out for motivational moments. It’s not easy to practice something deeply - it requires passion, motivation, persistence, and emotional fuel. When a child begins to channel their focus on a particular goal, a tsunami of energy is released. Watch out for what areas trigger their motivation.

Slow practice is productive practice. This technique is common for every talent; from tennis, to chello, to math. When you go slow, you can sense and fix more errors. Remind your children, it’s not about how fast they can do it, it’s how slow they can do it, correctly.

Praise effort, not ability. When you recognize kids’ natural ability, they end up taking fewer risks. But, when we praise their efforts, it has the opposite effect. They become more inclined to go outside their comfort zone, make mistakes, and learn from them.

Encourage imitation. While you should always teach your children to be unique, copying a person’s skill is actually extremely beneficial for learning. Vividly imagining yourself perfecting an area of expertise is a great first step to successfully accomplishing it. Have them practice a dance from one of their favorite artists or write down, verbatim, one of their favorite short stories.

Stand back. The practice required to create a talent can only come from the child. So, no matter how well-meaning you may be, don’t force your child to master a certain skill set. Instead, pay attention to what your child finds interest in and help them use their energy wisely to build off that appeal.

It’s important to let your child tap into their skills at home. And while they’re at school, Miss Sue's’ curriculum is set up to foster that talent while providing your children with the best education available. If you’re looking for a superior nursery school on Long Island, choose Miss Sue's! To learn more about our program, give us a call at 516-938-0894 or visit our website.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

How To Connect Your Kids With Art

Did you know that children learn visually before they learn textually? Research has shown that children who are exposed to the arts are more able to think creatively, be original, discover, and innovate. It may seem impossible to try to add one more activity to your child's busy schedule, but a little art-time can go a long way. Here’s how you can try to help your little ones become connected to art and create memories with you at the same time.

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Designate a space. Whether you are making art at your dining room table, kitchen counter, or on the floor of your home make sure the space is consistent. Having one location dedicated to creating art builds guidelines for kids and helps keep your home and art supplies organized. Include your little one in decorating the space to make it feel more special to them.

Provide them with supplies. Remember, simplicity is key. Make sure your supplies, projects, and expectations are not complicated. Offering very specific supplies creates a structure for you and your children to work with that won’t make either of you feel overwhelmed. As your kids gain more exposure to art, they will begin to create more complex projects on their own.

Set up a time of day. Any habit requires you to invest some time. Many parents feel overrun during the first several art experiences with young children, but providing consistency helps build their stamina and engagement. Block out some time every week that’s dedicated to art-time. No matter how simple, help them learn about the importance art has in their life.

Follow your children's interest. Your children will be more invested in their art projects if you provide them with something to work on that they have an interest in. Consider giving them a craft based on their favorite story, movie, or animal. Incorporating some of their favorite things will help engage your children and create a connection between them and art.

At Miss Sue's, we encourage children to express themselves through art on a daily basis. We understand how important it is to have a creative outlet. Are you looking for a nursery school that will foster your child's creativity? If so, look no further than Miss Sue's! Call 516-938-0894 to learn more about enrollment.

Friday, January 13, 2017

How To Make Reading Fun

For some kids, reading is almost as hard as tying their shoes or matching their outfits - it can get very frustrating and they may want to give up. If you find your little one struggling with reading, try to incorporate these ideas to help make it more fun!

#1 Read the right books
Nothing is more discouraging for a child than trying to read a book that isn’t suited for their reading level. Be sure your child is reading books that are challenging, but not too difficult to the point where they get fed up. Use this five finger test as a guide.

#2 Let your kids choose
If you haven’t noticed already, your kids love being in charge. Let them take the lead when it comes to story time and have them load up on books that are interesting to them, it will help motivate them.

#3 Think outside the box
Is reading a hardcover book getting a little old? Try listening to an audiobook, it still counts as reading - your kids will continue to build their vocabulary skills and background knowledge on literary devices. Also, don’t forget about reading books on devices such as an iPad or Kindle. Kids are mesmerized by technology which can help make reading enticing.

#4 Create a fun reading area
Work with your child to create a reading area they will want to hang around in. Add posters, rugs, pillows, and lots of lighting. This can also become a safe space for your child whenever they need one.

#5 Bend the rules
Make sure your kids know that breaking the rules is never a good idea, but in this case it may help bring excitement to reading. Switch things up by reading to your little one instead - use your best silly voice to set a fun mood. You can also try extending their bedtime and have your kids stay up late during reading nights.

Keep in mind, at the end of the day, the biggest motivator for children is knowing that their loved ones are rooting for their success!

At Miss Sue’s Nursery School, our prime educational goal is the development of the whole child — socially, emotionally, physically and educationally. A multi-sensory, holistic approach to learning is provided through play, art, music and physical activities. To learn more about the school or to schedule an appointment, please give us a call at 516-938-0894.