Monday, January 7, 2019

The Best Resolutions for You and Your Children

Now that the New Year has arrived, you’ve probably been thinking about little changes to make in your life. While you may have considered resolutions that revolve around personal diet and fitness, have your thought about resolutions you can make with your children? After all, it’s always great to have someone to help you reach your goals even if that someone is just five years old.

Here are some of the best New Year’s resolutions for you and your children.

Escape from Electronics

It seems like, these days, we can’t go five minutes without be bombarded with some electronic device. From televisions to computers to cell phones, we’re surrounded by technology. This year, set a goal to step away from all the devices and unplug.

Whether that means you have an hour a day of “no technology time” or you take the kids on more outdoor adventures, unplugging can be a great way to bond as a family and wean the kids off all those devices.

Be More Active

No matter how old you are, exercise is very important, so make a resolution to make the family more active this year. You can sign the kids up for more interscholastic sports, center playtime around activities that get everyone moving, or simply go for walks with the family on a regular basis.

Start More Chores

The idea of chores is not always something that gets everyone excited, but they’re essential to teaching your children responsibility and discipline. Maybe you find yourself putting off laundry day until your hamper is ready to burst or never seem to have an empty kitchen sink. Set up a schedule with your children and let them help!

Have one of your children help dry dishes as you wash them or help you fold laundry to be put away. Not only does that teach them responsibility, but, if you set chores up as a game or offer a reward for a job well done, your kids will be jumping at the chance to help.

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