Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Read With Your Preschooler!

Since preschoolers are very curious, reading to your children on a daily basis  will have a great impact on them socially, emotionally and educationally. Preschoolers love to ask questions and want to share what they know. Books help them explore the world and open up their imagination on a whole new level. Here is a breakdown of why, how and when you should read to your child:

Why Read To Them?
Curiously about the world creates an excitement for learning. Sharing books about animals, ideas, people and words opens them up to broad range of things that they not might normally be exposed to. Reading and talking about the pictures of a story helps increase their vocabulary and understanding. If you make this a fun habit, consistent reading will also help develop your child’s attention span.

When You Should Read To Them:
It’s important to establish a daily routine of reading with your children. Bedtime is a great time to read, as it is when your child is most relaxed and can sit and enjoy the story. If you’re just beginning to read stories with your child, start off reading for 5-10 minutes. Then, as they become more familiar, you can increase the time to 20 minutes or more.

How You Should Read To Them:
It’s a good idea to make reading a relaxed, positive experience. When reading is fun, a child will want to repeat the experience, sharing more books and learning more words.

  • Since preschoolers have a good sense of humor, they enjoy participating. As you read, add sounds, motions, and funny voices. Encourage ypour child  to join in with repeated phrases and motions. It’s also a good idea to get them involved in the story by asking questions. This will help them learn and really digest the material they are hearing.

  • Explain unfamiliar words. As you read, point to the words to show them that you are reading the words, not the pictures.

  • To hold attention to the story, try using a child’s name, as well as the names of family members or friends.

When you follow these tips, it will show your child that reading can be fun!  At Miss Sue's, our learning centers emphasize individual growth through language arts. Every day our children are involved with interactive language experiences. To learn more about our program or to enroll your child, visit our website or give us a call at 516-938-0894.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Tips For Starting Preschool

Sending your child off to school for the first time is an important day for both them and you. Even if your little one is heading off to preschool for only a few hours, it’s a very big step for someone wearing such little shoes. While it’s very likely that you’ll be wiping some tears as they head off, it’s important to make sure that they’re not sharing in that with you.  Preparing your child ahead of time is a great way to get them ready for their preschool debut. Here are some preschool-starting tips:

  • Visit your local library during a story time session. This will get your child used to hearing someone other than your family members read to them.
  • Establish a routine of going to bed early and waking up early to help them adjust ahead of time to their new school routine.
  • Make sure your child is comfortable with letting someone know that they have to use the bathroom.
  • If there’s a school visiting day ahead of time, be sure to attend with your child. It will help them feel more comfortable on the first day if they have already seen their classroom and met their teacher. If you do meet some of the kids from your child’s class, arrange a play date before the start of school.
  • Include your child in the school supply selection process. Let them pick out their own backpack and lunchbox.
  • Share stories with them about when you went to school and if you have pictures, make sure to show them those as well. They will feel more at ease if they know that this is something that mommy or daddy did.
  • Read books about going to school and saying goodbye. It’s important for your child to know that you will not be staying with them but will be back to pick them up later on.
  • If your child hasn’t been cared for by others, you may want to leave them for short periods of time with a trusted babysitter or family member. They’ll feel more secure when they see that you always come back for them.
  • Allow your child to take a small personal item with them on the first day of school as an added comfort. These pocket hearts are a cute way for your child to hold a piece of your heart close by and ease their nerves whenever they hold it.
  • Remember that separation is a process and it is normal if your child needs a little bit of time to get comfortable with their new situation.

We understand that children (and parents) can have some apprehension on the first day of preschool, but Miss Sue’s is here to provide the most loving, safe and nurturing school for all of their students and families. To learn more about our program or to take a tour of the school, give us a call at 516-938-0894 or visit us here.

Friday, August 19, 2016

End of Summer Activities to Do With Your Kids

Just because summer is almost over doesn't mean the fun has to stop yet! In fact, quite the opposite! Before your little ones head back to school, there’s still time to squeeze in some last minute fun activities. Here are some cool ideas to end the summer the right way:

This is best to do outside while the weather's still warm. Have you ever wondered what happens when you mix vinegar and baking soda? Put your little scientist to work and try this fun experiment out. The combination of the two makes for a chemical reaction that produces water and salt. They’ll be amazed at the results and can even pack them in a mold to form stars or hearts.

This one takes a bit of creativity, but you’ll be helping them environment by recycling your materials and supplies. Gather some branches in the backyard, or go on a nature walk to collect your goods. Then grab some plastic water bottles and glue little pieces of colored tissue paper all over it to mimic a fish’s colorful scales. Add some googly eyes, attach a string and hang it up for a fun and eco-friendly mobile!

We love re-purposing materials to make fun crafts for kids! This is a really simple, yet fun take on teaching your kids tic tac toe. Take an egg carton and open it up to use as the squares of the board. Next grab some colorful pipe cleaners and have your kids form them into X’s and O’s. Then, let the games begin! Your kids will feel great because they’re not only having fun playing the game but can feel a sense of pride in having created the actual board!

For more end of summer fun kid’s activities, visit here.

We hope you’re enjoying the rest of your summer with your kids before they head off to school. If you’re looking for a superior nursery school on Long Island, choose Miss Sue's! We go to great lengths to provide your children the best education available. Enrollment for the 2016-17 school year has already begun. Give us a call at 516-938-0894 or visit us here to enroll now.