Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Read With Your Preschooler!

Since preschoolers are very curious, reading to your children on a daily basis  will have a great impact on them socially, emotionally and educationally. Preschoolers love to ask questions and want to share what they know. Books help them explore the world and open up their imagination on a whole new level. Here is a breakdown of why, how and when you should read to your child:

Why Read To Them?
Curiously about the world creates an excitement for learning. Sharing books about animals, ideas, people and words opens them up to broad range of things that they not might normally be exposed to. Reading and talking about the pictures of a story helps increase their vocabulary and understanding. If you make this a fun habit, consistent reading will also help develop your child’s attention span.

When You Should Read To Them:
It’s important to establish a daily routine of reading with your children. Bedtime is a great time to read, as it is when your child is most relaxed and can sit and enjoy the story. If you’re just beginning to read stories with your child, start off reading for 5-10 minutes. Then, as they become more familiar, you can increase the time to 20 minutes or more.

How You Should Read To Them:
It’s a good idea to make reading a relaxed, positive experience. When reading is fun, a child will want to repeat the experience, sharing more books and learning more words.

  • Since preschoolers have a good sense of humor, they enjoy participating. As you read, add sounds, motions, and funny voices. Encourage ypour child  to join in with repeated phrases and motions. It’s also a good idea to get them involved in the story by asking questions. This will help them learn and really digest the material they are hearing.

  • Explain unfamiliar words. As you read, point to the words to show them that you are reading the words, not the pictures.

  • To hold attention to the story, try using a child’s name, as well as the names of family members or friends.

When you follow these tips, it will show your child that reading can be fun!  At Miss Sue's, our learning centers emphasize individual growth through language arts. Every day our children are involved with interactive language experiences. To learn more about our program or to enroll your child, visit our website or give us a call at 516-938-0894.

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