Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The Benefits of Sending Your Child to Day Camp

Fact: summer is officially on the horizon. With that being said, now is the perfect time to start considering what you’ll be doing for your child during the day, while you’re at work! One of the greatest options to consider is to enroll your child in a local day camp, such as Miss Sue’s Summer Fun! In fact, there are a variety of benefits for children when they attend day camp -- which will ultimately help nurture their skills and development. Without further ado, here are some of the many benefits your child can have when they attend Miss Sue’s Summer Fun:

A New Experience

Let’s face it: day camp is the perfect opportunity to help your little one build memories and learn a number of developmental skills. In fact, it’s the perfect way to keep them going all summer long -- and not seated in front of a television screen or stuck indoors.

Your child will have the best summer making friends, participating in physical activities (such as paddle boats and wind surfing, to name a few), and will have a great time enjoying the great outdoors! Your child will make memories that will last a lifetime -- and they’ll certainly thank you for it in the process! 

Encouraging Physical Activity

Fact: day camp isn’t about sitting around all day. In fact, there are a variety of activities that children can participate in that will keep them moving and working with their peers! Whether they’re doing arts and crafts (fine motor skills) or participating in sports, such as volleyball and soccer, there are plenty of physical benefits, as well as opportunities to build friendships and cooperation skills, too!

Foster Independence and Confidence

Independence and confidence are two very important traits for your child to develop as they get older. When your child attends Miss Sue’s Summer Fun, our staff can help foster these two characteristics in your child as they spend time away from home, learning new activities, communicating with others, and learning some of life’s most important lessons!

Day camp is a very rewarding experience for children, especially at Miss Sue’s Summer Fun. There are numerous benefits for their development and parents can feel confident letting their children go for the day. Your child will come back with a strong self-esteem, better communication skills, and even some new friends, making it the best summer ever for your little one!

When you choose Miss Sue’s Summer Fun, you can rest assured knowing that your child is safely having fun in the sun, while also building the knowledge, skills, and confidence to have a successful future. To learn more about the program, give us a call at 516-366-5623.

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