Thursday, February 23, 2017

How To Divide Household Responsibilities

Whose job is it to sign up the kids for summer camp? How about to pack their peanut-free lunches every evening? Even in this era of equal marriages and dual-income households, many parents don’t know how to separate household responsibilities.

How To Divide Household Responsibilities | Nursery School | Melville | Miss Sue's Nursery School |

Some people think laundry's really important, while others value household repairs. Whatever your preference, it should be taken into account when couples figure out who is in charge of what.

Start crediting the thinking work. There’s a lot more work that goes into household responsibilities than meets the eye. In turn, couples don’t realize how much extra mental work the other is taking on. Bringing each party’s burden to a calm, objective conversation can help reduce tension at home.

Divide responsibilities not tasks. If one person is managing the family health care, they should also be responsible for finding doctors, arranging appointments, and even filling out school medical forms. When one person owns a whole area of responsibility, they will develop domain expertise in it, which will make both of your lives more efficient.

Trade places. Once you divide your household responsibilities, take turns trading jobs. This technique helps build a sense of empathy and understanding for your partner and their jobs.

Renegotiate. Life responsibilities can affect the household responsibilities you agreed to. Couples should continue to evaluate the agreed upon terms every few months, and change when necessary.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

5 Love Stories For Kids

What’s even more gross to your kids than bugs? Your epic love story. If you want to find the perfect love-themed read for your children this holiday, try one of these kid-friendly romances. Show them that love doesn’t always have to be “yucky,” even if they find yours to be.

5 Love Stories For Kids | Nursery School | NY | Miss Sue's Nursery School |

Zombie in Love
If your kids think romance is “gross,” this might just be the perfect book for them. Mortimer is a lonely zombie who tries to get a date for Cupid’s Ball. Mortimer’s romance continues in the sequel, Zombie in Love 2 + 1.

The Tale of Despereaux 
In this book, by Kate DiCamillo, she introduces one of the most unlikely heroes in all of children’s literature - the miniature, floppy-eared mouse, Despereaux. This story is both heartbreaking and inspirational, and his chivalrous love is simply beautiful to read.

Cowgirl Kate and Cocoa
Sometimes, the greatest love stories are between two best friends. This early reader, tells four charming stories about a bond between a girl and her horse. Ultimately, they love each other in a way that only close friends could ever understand.

Princess Hyacinth 
This picture book follows a young princess forced to hide an unusual talent. Princess Hyacinth just can’t stop floating into the air, but when she finally decides to cut loose, a boy in love may be the only thing that can bring her back down to earth.

Steig’s tale of an ugly ogre searching for his even uglier bride is an imaginative classic, inspiring four animated films. Shrek decelerating the disgusting things that he finds attractive about his bride reminds children that everyone, no matter how they look, deserves to be loved.

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Friday, February 10, 2017

Figuring Out Food Labels

Nutritional labels can create more questions than answers. And if adults struggle to understand them, there’s a good chance kids do, too. However, food labels are an important part of helping kids learn to make healthy choices. Here’s a valuable infographic from the FDA that can help teach your children how to correctly look before they lunch!

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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Creating A Musical Home Environment

We’ve all had that moment where our favorite song comes on the radio and a huge smile lights up our face. Music makes people happy, it’s calming and soothing, and it helps express our feelings, so why wouldn’t you introduce music to your little one? Bring more music into your homes and childrens’ lives using some of these simple tips:

Creating A Musical Home Environment | Nursery School | Plainvew | Miss Sue's Nursery School

Actively listen to music. Having music playing in the background of your home is extremely beneficial in helping your kids interact with music regularly. Take it one step further and converse with one another about what you’re hearing and how it makes you both feel.

Sing with your child. Singing with your child is an excellent way for your child to learn basic melodies and rhythms. It doesn’t matter how well you can sing, even humming a tune will suffice. This is also a fun way for you and your child to spend quality time together.

Dance with your child. The ability to find and move to the steady beat of music is fundamental to their future music ability. If your child is experiencing difficulty, don’t be discouraged! According to research, girls often develop this skill around three years old, which is earlier than boys, who may still have trouble finding a beat well into kindergarten.

Make music together. As your child gets older, you can make a big impact in their lives by making music together. If you can play an instrument, consider a duet or writing a song. This will send a strong message to your child about the shared joy of making music.

If you instill the value of music in your child at a young age, they will be grateful when they’re older as they continue to explore the benefits. If you’re looking for a superior nursery school on Long Island that teaches your children the importance of the arts - look no further than Miss Sue's Nursery School! We invite you to visit our school and see our program in action. If you are interested in enrolling your child at Miss Sue's, call 516-938-0894 today.