Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Best Ways to Boost Your Child's Memory

Fact: sometimes young children may have a hard time remembering things. The reason is that their memory is still in the process of being developed. If you’re looking for a way to improve your child’s memory, then here are some helpful tips to know!

Be Repetitive

Believe it or not, repetition is a positive factor when it comes to memory exercises! When talking to your child, don't be afraid to repeat yourself — because this will be the key ingredient when it comes to improving a child’s memory. To further elaborate: when your child hears something more than once, it will become ingrained in their memory. One of the best ways to practice repetition is to short book to your child. When you finish reading the book, you can then ask your child to tell you their favorite sections of the story. This is a great (and fun) way to boost your child’s memory skills!

Listen To Music

Presenting music to your child at a young age can actually help strengthen their memory! Studies have shown that children are more likely to remember data when it is presented with an accompanying melody; think of sing-along videos featuring their favorite cartoon characters. If you want to take it a step further, you can sing messages to your child and encourage your child to create their own tunes when responding! Not only is this a great way to increase your child’s memory, but it will also entice their love for music, too!

Give Positive Feedback

When your child accomplishes a new task, it's important to give them positive feedback! After all, children are more likely to recall positive feedback than negative feedback. They will certainly remember what they did to receive that kind of praise, too!

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