Monday, March 19, 2018

Toys That Help Development

Fact: some may think that playtime doesn’t have any long term benefits. However, playtime is a very important step in every child's development! Not only is your child having fun — but they’re also learning about the world around them, thanks to toys! Not sure how effective they are? Let us explain their impact:

Types of Play:

When observing playtime, there are two types of play that every child will experience. From Cooperative Play to Active Physical Play, both share a supporting role in your child’s development process. Here at Miss Sue’s, we know the importance of both and incorporate them into our daily schedule — but what are they exactly? 
  • Cooperative Play- At Miss Sue's, we encourage children to play together as a group, since it helps children strengthen their social skills! An example of cooperative play involves two or more children playing a game together, such a puzzle or board game!

  • Active Physical Play- Toddlers have enough muscle to participate in active physical play with their peers! Active Physical Play strengthens motor skills and hand-eye coordination tremendously — and is an important step of the development process. An example of active physical play is a child using a small toy car or truck!

Toys That Help Development:

After learning about the important types of play that each child participates in on a daily basis, there are a series of toys that help to continue the development of your child. Below are examples of the following toys that foster development:
  • Puppets 
  • Dolls
  • Character Toys
  • Rhythmic Musical Instruments
  • Toy Cars and Trucks
  • Puzzles
  • Books 

At Miss Sue’s Nursery School, our prime educational goal is the development of the whole child — socially, emotionally, physically and educationally. A multi-sensory, holistic approach to learning is provided through play, art, music and physical activities. To learn more about the school and give your child the best pre-k experience, give us a call at 516-938-0894.

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