Wednesday, August 1, 2018

How to Overcome Picky Eating

Sometimes, serving a meal to a picky eater can seem like a challenge to some parents. From vegetables to pasta, any food can be ruled out by your child. Of course, it’s possible they’re afraid of trying what’s served to them, or they might not be a fan of the taste. Regardless, here are some ways to help your child overcome picky eating:

Make it Fun

One of the best ways to help a picky eater try a new food is to make their meals fun! Believe it or not, a presentation isn’t only an essential staple in upscale restaurants, but plays a huge part in childhood dining, too. Whether you’re making fish or vegetables, it’s vital to present the final product in a fun and exciting way! 

Of course, you’ve been told from an early age not to play with your food — but when creating a presentation to your picky eater, you might have to! If the food is solid (i.e., chicken, beef, pork), then you can take a cookie cutter and use it to make shapes! 

Now, if the food has a softer consistency (i.e., corn, spinach, mashed potatoes), then you can place them in fun-shaped serving cups/bowls. Once your child sees this presentation, they’ll be enamored by how fun their plate looks — and will undoubtedly feel inclined to try these new foods!

Dipping Sauce Helps

Sometimes, carrots might taste better with ketchup — to your child. Believe it or not, most children like the taste of vegetables and/or fish with some dipping sauce by their side. Not only will this hinder the flavor of the new food, on their end, but they’ll also feel more inclined to try anything that’s presented to them with the red staple by their side. 

If you’re looking for the best way to go about this, then you can provide a dipping sauce of ketchup with your child’s meal. If you’re looking for a healthier alternative, then you can always opt for a condiment that has low-salt. 

Next, when you serve your child their meal, you can place the ketchup on the plate (or on the side), which will give them the option to use ketchup to their discretion. Not only will this make any mealtime a bit simpler for you, but it will help your child try new foods — to which they usually wouldn’t try without ketchup!

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